Cheng Research Group

Functional Nanocomposite Materials

  • Visualizing Mitochondria in C.elegans

    Visualizing Mitochondria in C.elegans

    Image courtesy of saroj Regmi

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  • Ligand-switching Geobacter heme sensor

    Ligand-switching Geobacter heme sensor

    PDB ID: 3B42
  • Cytochrome c

    Cytochrome c

    PDB ID: 1HRC

Welcome to Cheng Research Group

Our research is conducted at the convergence of two central areas of nanotechnology-nanophotonics and nanomechanics. We develop nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS) and nano-opto-mechanical systems (NOMS) to explore their novel properties in both classical and quantum regimes. We study the coupling and interaction between electrical, optical and mechanical degrees of freedom (electrons, photons and phonons) in nanoscale devices.

Cheng Research Group